D. Warran Daniel – Director of Club & Wellness Management

Daniel is responsible for Business Development and Event Management activities advisory services in Asia. With Strategic Management, Event and Wellness industry of over 30 years, he is well exposed to all major Project Management issues in Europe and Asia.

Engineering – Technology and Management Institute of Holland

Daniel is multi-skilled in the Project Management aspects of the hotel industry, with extensive across Europe and Asia. His main areas of competency include:
• Project Development for hotel and resort
• Pre-Opening Project Consulting
• Information and Technology
• Procurement and Supply Management
• Investment Project Advisory

Daniel has international exposure and experience with extensive across Europe and Asia include:
• Pan Technology Engineering – Amsterdam
• Pan Technology Engineering – Singapore
• Trung Nam Group – Vietnam
• The Imperial Group – Vietnam
• Ocean Hospitality – Vietnam
• LTH Hotels & Resorts Management – Indochina

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