Amed Panorama

Amed, is a diving destination and is an oxymoron. Because of its topography that is surrounded by sea and mountains, the resort was typecast by those who market it as a dive resort-beach destination ideal for leisure tourism. However, beach lovers and dive resort guests can be noticeably plentiful – and most of them are diver and resort holiday makers.

Amed Paradise Panorama

It located at beach side Amed Seraya, it is about 11 Kilometer east side of Amlapura city the capital city of Karangasem Regency Bali and about 11 Kilometer east west of Culik Village from Singaraja Street to Amed-Seraya. It is so accessible from both capital cities that local and foreign tourists could easily get there and enjoy its beaches. However, it is this same convenient accessibility that make tourists become day-visitors only.

This remote beautiful area and demanding site, with an interesting mix of both north and east coast reefs. Located in unspoiled cove and small gili, called Gili Selang. There are two plans in the project location, 20 till 45 degree elevation in general in Amed and Seraya. The temperature is about between 30°C in the day time and 26°C in the night time.

Even though Amed is become international diving resort destination, at present, it seems hat there are very limited choices of accommodation available to them and there are lesser public services meet the international standard.

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